November 28th, 2014

What Self Improvement Questions Should You Ask Yourself

Written By Nik Halik

Personal Development

10 300x183 What Self Improvement Questions Should You Ask Yourself To give your life a deeper meaning, you need to ask yourself very important question that relate to self improvement. In addition to that, the questions will help you identifying the things that make you tick. If you have the right answers of each of these questions, you will feel more contented with the way you live your life. So what are the important self improvement questions you should ask yourself?

What Do I Want?

There are several things, which you might want to accomplish in your lifetime or even in a single day. It is not easy to accomplish each of these things. Therefore, you need to ask yourself this question, which will help you in identifying the things that matter most. This will ensure you are diligent as you pursue the things you have chosen.

What Do I Need to Change?

Many things that happen in people’s lives, it is their responsibility from time to time ask themselves a question on what they need to change. Each individual has a list of things they feel could make them better people. If you are in a similar situation, you should ensure that you have listed down the things that will make you better person and start pursing them.

What is My Comfort with What I Am Doing?

Just like you make decision on what shirt will be worn with a certain tie or trouser, you also need to look at the comfort of the things you are doing. You should choose the things you are very comfortable with and do them. However, to make them enjoyable, ensure they are a variety. Otherwise, you might end up doing the same old things, which will make your life boring.

Am I Doing Enough?

There are be many things you need to do and if you have not done them, you could feel a discontented. However, by asking yourself if what you are currently, doing is sufficient, you will have a chance either to improve or get the satisfaction that you are on the right course. You could increase what you are doing to large doses, which will be executed in small bits if you realized you are not doing enough in your life.

Are You Happy With Where You Are Today?

Success is how much people are contented or happy with the much they have achieved to date. You need ask yourself if you are happy with the progress, you have made in various aspects of life. It can be in raising your children, studying, business and so on. The specifics of this question will be directed to the activities, which you do. What really matters is if you are happy with your achievements and progress.

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November 26th, 2014

How to Benefit Financially from Your Children

Written By Nik Halik

Wealth Creation

nikcollege1 250x300 How to Benefit Financially from Your Children Do you know you can actually reduced the amount of taxes you pay by using your dependants i.e. children? Dependants is a general term which is used to mean your children and any other person you assist financially, especially those who earn low income that cannot sustain them on their own. Here is how you are going to reduce your taxes by making maximum use of your dependants.

Let them Work

If you have a business that has not been incorporated, you should put your children on the payroll on your business. By so doing, you will reduce your income as well as self-employment taxes. You might be wonder how. It is very simple. If your dependants are less than 18 years of age, they will not pay the FICA (Medicare and Social Security) taxes. In addition to that, if they are below 21 years, they will not pay the FUTA (Federal Unemployment) taxes.

By considering the 2006 deduction schedule, you can pay $5,150 to your child with no tax income. If the child is investing in the IRA that is deductible, you could pay $9,150 without any tax obligation.  You will be able to save around $3,600 of self-employment and income tax if you are in the tax bracket of 25%. Your child will not pay the IRS, even for people who have incorporated their businesses. However, for this case of a business that is incorporated, you children will pay FICA and FUTA taxes. You will still be making some tax savings by hiring your children.

Give Your Kid a Property that Is Appreciated

If you give your children appreciated properties such as stock, you will be able to make a tax dollar saving. This applies to your parents too, it they earn low income. If your child or parent sells the asset you have given them, they will pay tax at a 5% rate or even lower. Since you gave the property as a gift, you will not be under obligation of paying income tax when they sell that property.

Avoid Claiming Your Children AS Dependants

The other ways of making a saving from your dependants is not claiming your college-going students as dependants, especially if your income exceeds the requirement limits to receiving Lifetime Learning Credit or Hope Scholarship Credit. If you do not claim them as your dependants, the children will then be eligible to claim the credit on his or her personal returns. This is independent of whether the child is your dependant or you are paying education expenses for the child. This works only if your child pays income tax.  This is also another reason why you should hire your own children to work for you.

November 24th, 2014


Written By Nik Halik

Personal Development

nikcollege 250x300 WHAT WE CAN LEARN FROM MARTIN LUTHER KING, JRThis week, we will take a look at Dr. Martin Luther King— a man that changed the world forever. He was not born rich—or privileged. In fact, he was born in a time that some people thought African Americans were second or third class citizens.

He looked beyond what others may have thought of him and had a vision. He had a plan for a world in which everyone in the United States would be treated equal. He had a vision for a time when the country could have a president that was a person of color. And you know what? His dream came true.

He had death threats against not only himself but his family members. He had pressure from those of his own race who begged him to give up and that their world was becoming more difficult. He had internal demons and doubts, yet he kept going.  Why?  Because he had to, he had a purpose greater than his own. A purpose that had to be fulfilled…and he fulfilled it.

We can do the same. What purpose, what desire do you have, that is greater than your own?  What can you do and more importantly what are you doing to accomplish it NOW?

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