July 24th, 2014

Getting Over Setbacks

Written By Nik Halik

Personal Development

When you have been through the mill and feel that there is nothing more that life can throw at you, you may consider that you will never be happy again. It could be impossible to think of a way back but f you assess the situation well and look at the goods that could come out of the bad there might actually be a way back.

It won’t matter what the problems are or whether they are your own fault, once you feel that you are totally down you need a good plan to get out of it. Now could be the time to consider what it is you want from life and take this opportunity to start again, or at least make plans that could allow you to start again. If you had a dream that you were worried about aiming for when things went well in case you lost wheat you had, then there can be no harm going for them when you feel you have nothing to lose.

Keeping your head up can sometimes be hard and while not everyone will be in a position to do the job they love or be in the place that they love, there is no reason they cannot learn to love being where they are or doing what they do. A bit of positive thinking can work wonders and to actually achieve this is going to be high on the list of things that have been achieved on the path of personal development.

Too often you decide what you want to be rather than what you want to do. Having a job title is not enough to keep you happy of you are not doing what you enjoy day in and day out. Sometimes the idea of what you want to do just creeps up on you and is miles away from what you have wanted in the past but if you have trained yourself well you should be able to adjust to wither do what you have just realised you want or to take the time out to train to do it.

How you look at life can be a big factor when it comes to recovering from setbacks and those who want to moan about what they do not have will be much more likely to be unhappy than the ones who are thankful for what they do have. Not getting what you believe should be your in work is often your own fault as if you had a different mindset or acted in a different way in the work environment then things might improve.

A strong mind and a strong will can be the difference between recovering from a setback and letting it define you.

July 24th, 2014

Online Banking Tips

Written By Nik Halik

Wealth Creation

Think how much time has been wasted when you have been queuing up in the bank and then imagine how easy it is going to be to bank online. As long as you have the correct security set there is no need to worry about your money and payments and transfers can be made at any time of the day or night. A further advantage is the fact that you will be able to look at your latest statement online and not have to wait for one to come through the post.

If you set up full online banking you can check every penny you have within a short period of time. With total access to your banks website you can also decide what you are going to do with your money without having to make an appointment to see an advisor.

While security is good anyway you can set up your own and always be aware that there are many scammers who will try to get your money this way. By pretending to be your bank they will e mail you and say that you need to update your security and send you a link that will take you to a page that looks very much like your banks home page. Once you put your details in they have them and can begin to get to your money. Never react to these e mails but if you are worried there has been a problem contact your bank.

There is another advantage to online banking and that is that you will have no fear about Internet banks. Very often these will give a better rate of interest on savings accounts and as long as you are not concerned about not having a physical branch to go to you are fine. It will not just be the savings that offer you improved rates as there are many that offer loans at a lower rate than the high street banks.

Online banking is going to be ideal if you need to move money around quickly. It will normally be slightly quicker to get money from one account to another when it is done online. It will not make a great deal of difference but if the odd day is going to be important you could have found the solution.

Unfortunately it is not all good news but the bad is well outweighed by the good. You will not have access to an ATM with your account so you will have to use those provided by other banks and as a result there may be a charge. It is likely that there will be a form of compensation from your own bank for this inconvenience but if it happens on a regular basis it may not work out to be as cost effective as you were hoping.

July 23rd, 2014

Keeping Joyful and How It Will Help

Written By Nik Halik

Personal Development

Understanding what makes us happy is going to be important and if we can work on the things that make us sad and eliminate them from our life then we can say that we have found a way to improve our lives.

Real joy is not something that happens often and every minute that we feel it should be cherished. We can often say we are happy or that something makes us laugh, but real joy is to be cherished and are moments that will stay with us forever.

Often joy is reached in stages and we can start out by feeling pleased or happy then build on it until we feel better than you have in a long time. Joy does not have to be a big event and we should not feel guilty about being joyful over things that may seem shallow or mundane.

A feeling of joy I remember from 25 years ago may seem silly to many people but it was very important to me. I had been working for quite a few years but had been spending as much as I earned. I decided that I needed to start saving and did so. A year or so later I needed to change my car and imagined that I would have to apply for a loan again but found that I not only had enough to buy the car but had £1000 still in the bank. I felt secure as I had at least a small nest egg, and the joy came when I realised that I never needed to worry about being able to save again.

Often it will help to think as we did when you were younger. We don’t often see sad babies as they seem to be able to find joy in everything. There is nothing to worry about and no struggles to face.

For a joyful person there a few problems that cannot be resolved and even when faced with things that are beyond our control you can put a positive spin on it. The loss of a job can be the beginning of a new life and new opportunities while the loss of a friend should lead us to look at their life and try to find joy in that.

Joy should make us live in the present and not always worry about what could happen. If we are happy where we are then it will be a good idea to stay in that state and try to pass the good feelings on to others.

Being joyful cannot prevent bad things happening to us but it can put us in the best frame of mind to deal with them. It can also affect how we are viewed and treated by others.