September 16th, 2014

Mindset and Personal Development

Written By Nik Halik

Personal Development

Everyone has a different idea about success. Career recognition is the success for some people, while some others feel that they are successful, when they earn a lot of money. Whatever may be your idea for success, attaining the right mindset is crucial to achieve it.

Many a time, we forget that our mindset is the best tool to turn our dreams into reality. Right mindset helps you achieve personal growth and brings prosperity to your life. Here are some tips to adopt a personal development mindset.

  • Stop Saying “It’s Impossible For Me”

If you have a fixed mindset, you are more likely to avoid challenges. On the other hand, if you develop personal growth mindset, you tend to embrace challenges. You can adopt this mindset by avoiding saying, “I can’t do this” or “This is impossible for me”. Instead, say I have never learnt about it, but I will try to learn now”. Perhaps you are not able to do a task, because you do not want to devote time to learn the skill necessary to do the task. Realize that you can do things, if you really want to do.

  • Keep Trying New Things

It is quite common that you want to lead your life within your comfort zone. However, understand that you can achieve new goals by expanding your comfort zone. Keep trying new things, so that you can expand your horizon gradually. For instance, if you are a shy person, you can try public speaking, learning a new activity or language. Though it takes time to change your mindset, keep on trying can help you get better results.

  • Hone Your Skills

You may be good at many things. You may be a good writer or a good software programmer. No matter how good you are, there are always rooms for development. It is not advisable to think that you have found your level. You can always increase your skills, if you want to. You can spend time for learning and practicing. You can buy a book or join a course that can help you become an expert in your field.

Developing a powerful mindset is crucial to get success. Mindset has a great impact on your actions, thoughts, feeling and outcomes. Personal growth mindset is a great asset that drives the actions required to get the desirable results. It sets the right parameters for your goal and commitment. It feeds your dreams and passion and nurtures your vision in success.

Nik Halik THE THRILLIONAIRE® , Author of the International Best Seller: The Thrillionaire®, World’s #1 7 Day Weekend Lifestyle Strategist

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September 15th, 2014

In Case the Unexpected Happens – How to Over Come Major Financial Challenges!

Written By Nik Halik

Wealth Creation

With the rise in unemployment and dwindling saving accounts, it is natural for most people in employment to feel a little nervous. Financial experts highly recommend that you develop a “bail out” plan in order to help you overcome major financial challenges.

You most certainly do not need a bachelor’s degree in economics in order to know that these are tough economic times we live in. The cost of food has risen, leaving you with a larger grocery bill and an emptier wallet/purse. More and more employers are freezing salaries and cutting bonuses, you even dare not count on the company’s annual raise! There is also a possibility that you may no longer be taking home the amount of money you used to make because your hours have been reduced.

Instead of panicking, and losing sleep on whether you will be the next employee at your company to be put on the chopping block, put the advice in this article into play. You need to understand that even the worst financial emergency can be overcome if you implement the right strategies.

Earn More Money

More and more people are working part-time because their employers have cut their working hours. Working less may seem appealing at first, but when you notice the toll it would take on your income, you will not find it so appealing,

  • Simply turn a hobby of yours into a cash generating stream. If you are good at taking pictures, you do not have to be Nigel Barker or Gilles Bensimon to earn some extra cash with your photography skills. You can photograph houses, apartments and other properties for local realtors.

  • Have on internet-based yard sale! You can post ads (free of charge) on Craigslist, eBay, Facebook, or even on your online local paper. You will be surprised to find out how many people want to pay money for the things that you consider to be junk.


Five Simple Yet Effective Ways to Start An Emergency Fund


  1. With the help of your office’s payroll department, you should register for an automatic payroll deduction. For instance, you can have a sum of $30 deposited into your savings account each pay period.

  1. Search for coupons for every single thing from groceries, hair products to household electronics at certain websites.

  1. Spend just dollar bills and deposit the change you have in a high yield savings account such as E-trade. Well known E-trade accounts do not have minimums, no charges and only require a deposit of $1.00

  1. Put your income tax refund in your bank account

  1. When you pay off your monthly bills, you should also see your savings to be a bill that you must pay off too!

Nik Halik THE THRILLIONAIRE® , Author of the International Best Seller: The Thrillionaire®, World’s #1 7 Day Weekend Lifestyle Strategist

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September 12th, 2014

Being a Person of Integrity

Written By Nik Halik

Personal Development

Are you a person of integrity? It is so sad to know that a lot of people do not give a hoot about being someone who is recognized for his or her values.

Integrity is known to be the very foundation of a person’s personality, and personal development is one of the most vital activities that anyone should engage in. Taking the time to work on your character means that you will discipline yourself to do a whole lot more than god-honest people do under every circumstance.

To be perfectly honest with other people, you will need to be perfectly honest with yourself.  You can tell the level of your integrity by simply taking a look at how you live your life daily. You can take a look at your reactions and responses to life’s inevitable ups and downs. You can take a close look at the behaviors that you usually engage in and then, you will be able to figure the type of person you are.

You need to understand that the external manifestation of a high level of integrity is top quality work. An individual who is completely honest with him or herself will be person who strives to do or does excellent work all time. The completely honest individual recognizes, (often times unconsciously) that each and everything that he/she does is a statement about who they really are as individuals.

When you arrive at work a little earlier, perform official tasks a little harder, stay back at the office to work a little later and take time to focus on each and every detail, what you are doing is practicing integrity at your place of work.  Whether you know it or not, no one’s true integrity does not go unnoticed; it is apparent to everyone all around you. There may be people at work (coworkers) who think you are just trying to get a promotion, but the real people that matter will know that you are a person of integrity and not brownnosing your way to the top.

Perhaps the most vital rule you will ever get to learn in life is that your life will only become better when you choose to become a better person.

Do a personal research and you will discover that the most successful companies and individuals in the world are those with a reputation of high integrity among the people that they transact business with. Reputations have a way of preceding people and companies, if you are known to be an individual who should never be trusted, most people will steer clear away from and will warn others to do the same. A company with a poor reputation has limited amount of time to remain solvent.

Let people know you for being a person of integrity:

  • Be a man/woman of your word
  • Never make promises you cannot keep
  • Guard your good credit rating jealously
  • Do what is right….always
  • If you make a commitment, ensure that you take the pains to fulfill it.
  • Be known as one that can be trusted completely regardless of the circumstances.

Good luck

Nik Halik THE THRILLIONAIRE® , Author of the International Best Seller: The Thrillionaire®, World’s #1 7 Day Weekend Lifestyle Strategist

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