December 18th, 2014

Personal Development – Dealing with Feelings of Jealousy 101

Written By Nik Halik

Personal Development

nikinterview 300x225 Personal Development – Dealing with Feelings of Jealousy 101 Let’s be honest here, every single person has felt a twinge of jealousy at least once in their life, it could be when our parents looked at our sibling with a lot of affection after they came home with an award or made the “Honor Roll”. When our friend get’s that dream job and he/she will definitely be making more money than us – ugh! When you see a person who seems to have it all…looks, brains and money. The list goes on and on.

Jealousy is a complicated mixture of anger, fear, embarrassment, envy and betrayal that can be quite hard and painful to deal with. To make things a whole lot more complicated, do you know that women and men experience the jealousy in a different way?  Little feelings of jealousy may be an inevitable part of any healthy relationship; but if it goes unchecked it can be very destructive – there are police records of people who have ended the lives of those they are jealous of.

By choosing to master a couple of simple techniques, you will be able to cope successfully when the feelings of jealousy are stirred up in you.

Acknowledge your Feelings

Experts recommend that you acknowledge your feelings, doing this will help you to identify the actual source of your jealousy. Are you feeling jealous that your co-worker got that promotion and not you? Sometimes, simply allowing yourself to feel jealous about a certain situation can help make your feelings of jealousy fade away.

Build your Relationship

For those in a marital or dating relationship, it is important that you build your relationship with your spouse/partner. The stronger your bond, the less likely that you will have jealousy issues in your relationship.

You should talk to your spouse/partner when you feel the timing is right to do so.  You do not have to share each and every jealous twinge you have with your partner; however if you have a really serious or constant source of jealousy, you should ensure that you address it.  Make sure that you use non-judgmental language such as “I feel” rather than “you always” and you should be very calm and go right to the heart of the matter. Make it clear to your partner that you want to start a discussion and not a shouting match.

Get Busy

Get involved in an activity that will help you to take your mind off your jealousy. You can have lunch with a close friend, go see a really funny movie, go dancing or simply do something that you enjoy doing. Obsessing over your jealousy feelings will only make them worse.

See an Expert

If your jealousy issues is becoming serious and you are entertaining thoughts of……let’s just say, you are entertaining thoughts of doing something that could put you away for a really long time, then it is time to seek professional help.

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December 17th, 2014

Traveling to India? What Not To Do When You Get There!

Written By Nik Halik


 Traveling to India? What Not To Do When You Get There! Thankfully, Indians are quite forgiving towards those who are not familiar with the do’s and don’ts of their culture.

 In order to help you avoid making some really humiliating mistakes, here are a couple of things that you should not do when you travel to India:

Do Not Wear Revealing or Tight Outfits

Indians are pretty conservative in the way that they dress, especially in rural parts of India. In the cities, the Western style of dressing, such as jeans on women is quite prevalent. But, it is still essential to cover your legs. If you watch Bollywood movies, you will notice that the men hardly wear shorts or the women exposing their legs. If you plan to visit the temples, then it is important that you keep your shoulders and legs covered.


Take Off Your Shoes when You Enter an Indian Home

Taking off your shoes prior to entering an Indian home is considered good manners. Taking off your shoes is required before you enter an Indian temple or mosque. Indians do wear shoes in their home, like when they need to use the bathroom. But, these shoes/flip-flops are strictly means for domestic use and are never worn outside the home. There are times when you need to remove your shoes before entering a local store. It is only appropriate to take off your shoes if you observe that there are shoes outside the entrance of a store.

Do Not Point your Foot at People

Why would anyone want to point their foot at anyone in the first place? In the Indian culture, the feet are considered to be an “unclean” part of the body; thus it is vital to suppress the urge to point your foot at anyone in India, or touch a person or items (especially reading materials).


Do Not Pass Items or Eat Food with Your Left Hand

Like the feet, the left hand is also considered to be an “unclean” part of the body in India; this is because the left hand is used in order to perform certain matters that are connected to using the restroom. Even if you are a leftie, ensure that you avoid coming in contact with food or other items with your left hand.

Do Not Take Offense when Asked Intrusive Questions

Indians are naturally inquisitive people and will not see anything wrong with asking you intrusive questions upon first meeting; this is often caused by lack of privacy and personal space in India. If you are asked how much you make for a living and a host of other “meddling” questions, do not take offense. You should not be shy to ask these kinds of questions in return; the people you are conversing with will not take offense, you will be surprised to know that they will be glad that you have taken such a great interest in them.

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December 16th, 2014

Tips with Your Finances – You Get What You Think

Written By Nik Halik

Wealth Creation

niksemmm 300x224 Tips with Your Finances – You Get What You ThinkA number of factors determine the way you behave or act. The major part of your behavior is guided by your mind – both conscious and unconscious. Many problems that people encounter with their finances are borne from habits of spending and attitudes towards many other things that can have an impact on the way they control their finances.

Using your mind in the right way can help you control your money better. Many people do not see money as something they can use for good deeds. To them, money is a source of luxury and controlling power. That is why to them, money ends up being meaningless. Here are ways through which you can use your mindset towards money to achieve financial stability.

Your Understanding of Financial Concepts

Almost everyone thinks they know the meaning of money and what it takes to become rich. However, at a closer look, you might discover that you do not have a clear picture of what being rich is. Many people understand that being rich is a factor of a lot of money. However, if you look within, being rich might not mean having plenty of currency in your bank account or your safe.

Before you try to change your financial landscape, consider finding out what being rich means to you. Follow through by finding out if you can achieve that status you think is being financially stable. Always find an understanding that suits your goals in life to avoid spending all your life struggling with objectives that are not clear even to your own course.

Do More, Earn More

One great American entrepreneur said that if you are given a million dollars, the first thing on your mind should be the thought of how you will become a millionaire. According to this sentiment, the thinking pattern of a person will make him or her a millionaire or the spender of a million dollars.

If you want to become a millionaire, then you should start thinking like one. You will achieve it faster and easily than when you think on how to get a million dollars. You can get the million but spend it to depletion. However, a person with an investing mind will convert the million dollars to more millions of dollars.

Use Money to Make More

However good you think you are at managing money, there will be nothing to manage if you do not have that money. In the same thought, find ways to make more money with the little you have. There is no point struggling to make more money in a small way when you can double, triple and quadruple your finances with the money you have in a short period.

Therefore, always be on the lookout for investment options that can be beneficial to you when you use the money you currently have.

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